Wedding Roles

Traditionally when the first time a bride and groom marry, each family has certain identifiable wedding expenses that they each pay for. Although modern day weddings many couples pay for everything, and sometimes the expenses of a wedding split three ways. Actually, it is a matter of choice and budget concerning all.

Traditionally, the bride and her family paid for all the reception expenses, which may include food and beverage as well as renting the rooms that the reception will take place. As well, the bride’s family also pays for any decorative accessories and music and flora arrangements for the wedding ceremony and the reception with the possible exception of flowers for the bride, which the groom shall purchase.

The bride buys the groom’s wedding ring as well as his wedding gift from her. Her family expended for the photography, and perhaps the art of videography today, as well as the bride’s gown, any bridal accessories and her trousseau. Wedding stationary, which can include the invitations and thank you notes and postage come from the bride’s side. All transportation and parking expenses for the wedding and the reception as well as the hotel accommodations and gifts for the bridesmaids the bride’s family furnishes as well as the bridesmaid luncheon.

The groom provides flowers for his bride as well as her engagement and wedding rings and her wedding gift from him also the costs of their marriage license and honeymoon. He shall also provide the floral accessories of all other special ladies and groomsmen of the wedding party. All special gifts, accessories and accommodations of the groomsmen in the wedding party come from the groom and his family. The officiates fee is also to be provided and also the rehearsal dinner as well. The Groom’s family, like the bride’s family, provide for their own clothing as well as travel and lodging expenses.

Each attending family or individual shall provide their chosen wedding gift for the newlyweds, at the wedding of the parties. As all others, presence shall provide their own traveling expenses and dressings for attending the wedding and reception. Members of the wedding party shall share in the cost of the bridal shower and bachelors party correspondingly with the exception of children, as they are also not responsible for party gifts however if their parents should care to bring one gift, this is acceptable. However, the adult members of the wedding party shall bring both a shower gift and a wedding gift for the wedding couple.

Presently, many families may graciously split the cost of the intended wedding three ways. Thus, having the bride’s family pay one third, the grooms family paying one third and the bride and groom joining together to split the last third. This also provides an avenue of having the pick of one-third the whole total of guests invited to the wedding. On the other hand, there are many couples who provide for the complete wedding by creating their own savings and spending budgets.