A Classic Wedding Legacy Marries Treasured Tradition With Captivating Charm

It’s Mary and Joe’s wedding day. They’re standing at the altar, their friends and family before them, all silent waiting to hear what their Phoenix wedding Pastor is going to say. These are the most important words of their lives, as they will set the tone for their marriage and future life together. Then he opens his mouth, and suddenly that future sounds questionable. They’re the right words, but the wrong tone. The ordained Minister at this Arizona wedding is distant, robotic, rushed and cold – certainly not representative of how any couple wants to begin their marriage, especially during the ceremony itself!

Now let’s peek in on Susan and Tom. Their wedding day looks much the same, but there’s something noticeably different. The tone of their Arizona wedding Pastor is intimate, animated, enthusiastic and warm. He doesn’t sound like a stranger hired to officiate the wedding, but like a pleased and proud member of the family. That’s because it’s Reverend Duane Williams of A Classic Wedding Legacy, an ordained Minister and wedding planner whose words always ring true: “I get just as excited about your wedding as you do!”

“I had a Pastorate in Las Vegas for 5 years,” says Pastor Duane, “and became acquainted with weddings quite by accident. After 2 years of part time weddings, I resigned the church and began performing wedding ceremonies full time. I discovered I really loved being with the couple and their families, and being a part of their wedding experience.”

The wedding experience with Pastor Duane begins with a one-on-one consultation. That’s when he sits down with the bride and groom to go over all aspects of their Arizona wedding, including the date, time, place, license, theme, dress, music, flowers, cake, video, participants (including any children or pets that may be in the bridal party) and plans for the reception. It’s also the time to discuss whether there’s going to be a rehearsal – if so, you can count on Pastor Duane being there too.

“If you don’t have a coordinator, don’t worry,” says Pastor Duane in wedding planner mode. “I’ll make sure everyone knows their place and part.”

What’s most remarkable about such a highly personalized and professional experience with an Arizona wedding Pastor like Pastor Duane is that it won’t bust your wedding budget. As he likes to say of his service, “You get more bang for your buck!” In fact, his packages range from just $95 for “A Classic Quickie” to $425 for “A Classic Wedding Legacy.” Or he can help you plan a customized wedding featuring any upgrades and add-ons you like to create the ultimate wedding experience, whether that means getting married in a hot air balloon or in a hot tub in a limousine. (Yes, Pastor Duane has done both.)

“Exactly what we wanted… So much more than we expected… We were treated like family.” That’s just a sampling of what couples have to say about their experience with Pastor Duane and A Classic Wedding Legacy.