Playing Blackjack Online: A Guide

Blackjack has been one of the most popular games at real-life casinos like the Bellagio for as long as they’ve existed. It’s therefore no surprise that it’s a hit at online casinos too. One of the reasons for its popularity, is that blackjack offers the player the opportunity to play perfectly against the house. Although this doesn’t give them an edge, it minimises the houses edge, it’s possible to see some variants of the game that give up just 0.05% to the house when played correctly. Casinos continues to offer it because when it’s played badly, the house edge can be enormous!

The Rules of Blackjack

The rules of blackjack are simple. However, there are loads of different variations of the rules. These nuances result in different house edges. The rules we’re explaining below are probably the most basic and have an average edge of 0.5% when played perfectly (not the lowest but still great for the player!).

Players play against the dealer. First, players must make a bet by clicking one of their chips and clicking one or more of the positions at the table. All players at the table are dealt two cards face up. Meanwhile, the dealer receives two cards – one face up and one down. Players can ask for more cards (hit), stick on the number that they have already (stand), or double the bet (double). If they are dealt two of the same value card, they can also split these. This will cost them their bet again (as they are now playing two hands instead of one).

The object of the game is to get closer to the number 21 than the dealer without going over the number 21. If the value of cards in front of the player exceeds 21, they are “bust” and all money bet goes to the house.

The player makes all their moves first followed by the dealer. The player can stand on any number, but the dealer must stand on 17 or above. If either the player or the dealer is dealt 21 in just two cards (Ace and any 10), that hand is called Blackjack. It will be paid out at a slightly higher rate than the standard 1:1 prize for beating the dealer’s score.

Playing Blackjack Optimally

The game of blackjack gets much more interesting when you start looking at how to play optimally versus the house. Since it’s a game where all players get all the information, there is a mathematically correct way to play. Unfortunately, there are far too many nuances to correct gameplay to outline them all in this article. The optimum way to play is best expressed in a series of three tables (Google image search: Blackjack perfect strategy). Play optimally at sites like Silver Oak where you can claim a no deposit bonus. Sites like this offer many blackjack variations.

The correct course of action depends on the cards you hold versus the dealer’s card on display. For example, if you were dealt an 8 and a 4 versus the dealer’s 6, the correct play is to stand. However, if you were dealt an 8 and a 4 versus the dealer’s King, you must hit.

There are loads of common deviations that players make away from perfect strategy. This costs them severely in the long run. As soon as you make one of these mistakes, the house edge can jump from a percent or two to a massive casino advantage. The best advice for those wanting to play blackjack well is to find a perfect strategy table and use it whenever you play!

One common example is splitting tens. Even versus the dealer’s worst showing card (the number 6), splitting a pair of tens is woefully bad strategy. It’s much better to take the high percentage chance of a win than risk receiving two weaker and more easily beaten hands.

Jones & Black E Liquid Review

Well let’s just say that these guys are not cheap and even though I’m doing a review of there liquids I couldn’t get any free, I had to pay for them! That said I decided to do the review, they didn’t ask for it. Enough of my moaning and on to the actual full review.

Purchasing Experience From Jones & Black

I bought three liquids from there online website I have to say I like their website. It’s not done like a traditional ecommerce and has an old English country manor feel to it. As soon as i accessed the website I experienced a certain nakedness as i wasn’t wearing a suit and tie – just my plain old jeans shorts and an old t-shirt. It kinda creates that impression.

The website is simple to use and it is very easy to navigate their user friendly navigation. They offer four sections to visit: Dining Room, Drawing Room, Refreshments and Chilled Larder. In each of the section there are three to four flavours. So not massive amounts to choose from – or get get lost in. I decided to opt for three liquids (70VG/30PG 3mg): Lunch from the Dining Room, Henry VIII from the Drawing Room and Alaska Freeze from the Chilled Larder.

The price is steeper than most e liquids at $5 per 10ml which hurt my pocket and then the postage on-top. However I have been wanting to try out these guys juices for a while so I bit the bullet. The order arrived 3 days later, which is not bad as they shipped from the UK to the US.

The Package Received From Jones & Black

Once I opened the padded secure envelope I was greeted with what I thought I would. The signature gloss black bottles with the prestigious gold and black label. Gotta say by now I was excited and seriously hoping the juice would live up to the external hype. In the package we’re the standard e liquid warning and a few marketing and a welcome letter. Which I thought was a nice touch. The letter was on cream thick paper with the Jones and Black logo stamped on it with a few paragraphs welcoming me as a new customer. Don’t get that every day!

My Review of Jones and Black Lunch E Liquid

OK here it’s crunch time, the part that really matters regardless of packaging. I dripped the Lunch juice into my Smok prince with a new coil, (yes I primed it). Jones & Black describe Lunch as:

“magenta-fleshed tropical Dragon Fruit blended with complimentary fruits created for the connoisseur vaper”.

My Review

Well let me tell you I was blown away. I have never vaped such a clean juice that manages to hold multiple pronounced flavors. Usually with liquids I have used one flavor tends to overshadow with the rest lurking in the background as an aftertaste. Not with Lunch by Jones & Black. This flavor smacks you in the face from the palate outwards. It was like being transported to a tropical rain forest even through i was sat in front of my computer at home.

The flavors are precise and full, almost like you have just taken a bite out of some new tropical fruit. One thing I always look for with new e juice is the aftertaste. Does it have a perfume ending (which I hate) or a wax taste. Well i was pleasantly surprised, as the Lunch flavor lingered in my mouth still retaining the strong original flavor. When vaping it feels like it’s cleaning my palate as well as engaging it with fruity flavors. The vapor Lunch juice produces is smooth, thick and sweet and smells like someone just walked in the room and squashed a tonne of fresh fruit.

Does Jones & Black have The X Factor?

I have vaped literally hundreds of e liquid brands in my four years of vaping and some of them pretty awesome like Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Dinner Lady (lemon tart), Heisenberg by Vampire Vape. But I could tell the difference between those juices and Lunch by Jones & Black. It’s in a completely different ball park. It’s a seriously fuller and deeper vape experience and you can really taste, smell and feel the difference.

Million Dollar Question

Now having tried Black & Jones would I continue to buy it? No is the answer.
That might sound surprising based on the above review. But it’s not really, I don’t have the cash to spare to spend at least $5 per mil on e juice. I can see why the more affluent use this brand but I’d be broke in month based on the amount I vape. All in all it is good to experience what the rich and famous vape but then they have money to burn and can afford the high class brands and posh lifestyle.

Review Conclusion

Lunch by Jones & Black is simply awesome in every way from buying to vaping and the flavor really stands out alone on the pinnacle of what you can vape if you have money.