Here’s Your “Bruno Mars Live in Kuala Lumpur” Starter Pack

The day is almost here folks; Bruno Mars is finally coming back to Kuala Lumpur to entertain his Malaysian fans. Taking place in the Axiata Arena on the 9th of May, the Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur will bring you all of Bruno’s chart-topping hits like 24K Magic, Versace on the Floor, Finesse, and other fan favorites.

Although the concert is taking place on the same day as the GE14 voting day, those staying in Klang Valley can still enjoy the Grammy-award winning artist burn the stage at night (those who need to balik kampung to vote, do your responsibility instead!). If you’re one of the lucky people who grabbed a ticket to Bruno Mars’ sold-out show back in August, then read on to find out what to do, bring, and wear to the Bruno Mars concert 2018 in Malaysia.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Hydrate yourself before the Bruno Mars concert in Manila

Source: Shutterstock

The concert may be indoors, but it doesn’t hurt to keep yourself hydrated throughout the show, especially if you’re going to be dancing and singing along to Bruno Mars. If the organizer doesn’t allow you to bring your own water to the show, you can increase your water intake beforehand.

Bottles from Nalgene Malaysia can help you drink more water.

Source: @nalgene on Instagram

Use a water bottle like the ones from Nalgene; they feature an intake tracker along the side of the bottle, so you can easily see how much water you’ve been drinking throughout the day. You can also add a bit of flavor to your water to make the process way easier. Add slices of lemon, cucumbers, or berries to add flavor as well as detoxify your body so you’re in top condition and ready to go to the concert.

Tiny, but mighty, sling bags
Louis Vuitton sling bag that’s perfect for the Bruno Mars concert

Source: Jill’s Consignment

Concert-goers don’t normally bring totes or handbags when they go to enjoy a show. They opt for something light and practical while big enough to fit all their necessities like cash, ID, small toiletries, and the concert ticket.

A sling bag from Louis Vuitton may have a higher price range but its durability, space, and style is worth all of your dimes. Take the Monogram Musette Tango for example; this Louis Vuitton bag is on the smaller side yet it can easily fit your wallet and your concert essentials. As a plus, you can wear the Louis Vuitton Monogram Musette Tango as a shoulder bag as well.

Wear lightweight clothes
Outfit ideas for the Bruno Mars concert in the Malaysia


A Bruno Mars show is nothing like Coachella; you’re there to enjoy his showmanship and not to take OOTD’s. But, there’s no harm in dressing up and feeling your best when you’re grooving along with Bruno Mars. Wear a lightweight top that can be easily paired with a jacket whenever you feel chilly. Like this cute khaki, high-neck crop top from Zalora that you can pair it with high-waist, denim jeans and a dark-colored bomber jacket in either black or maroon to complement the khaki crop top.

For the dudes, you can take some inspo from the man himself. Bruno’s outfits are all about that b-boy swag with a mixture of high-fashion and retro attire. He finishes up his ensemble with a snapback and a pair of trendy sneakers like the Off-White Nike Prestos.

…And shoes you can dance in
Suitable concert shoes from Vans Malaysia.

Source: Shutterstock

Whenever That’s What I Like comes on, you’re guaranteed to start swaying your hips and bopping your head. So, it makes sense to bring out your best dancing shoes to the Bruno Mars concert in Malaysia.

YSince all the tickets sold for the Bruno Mars concert in Kuala Lumpur are seating tickets, you have more freedom in choosing your shoes. You can either wear a pair of cute heels or booties or a pair of shoes with extra cushioning like Adidas Stan Smith, Vans Old Skool, or Puma Suede Platforms. No matter which pair of shoes you opt for, make sure you can freely stand and dance around comfortably for 2 hours straight because Bruno sure as heck ain’t stopping.

Bring a portable charger
Power bank from Xiaomi to bring to the Bruno Mars concert

Of course, we want you to fully enjoy the concert experience and not record it on social media too much, but we understand the need to document and perhaps instill some FOMO in those who weren’t lucky enough to get the tickets. Taking selfies, boomerangs, and videos will use up your battery and by the end of the 2-hour concert, your phone will be begging for some juice.

If you want to document this special moment on Instagram or Snapchat, make sure to keep your phone charged. Bring a power bank that can pack in a lot of power to be able to charge you and your concert buddies’ phones. The Xiaomi power bank is cheap yet can charge 2 phones at once with its 2 USB ports. Make sure to charge your portable charger beforehand.

This starter pack is not only applicable for the Bruno Mars concert but also for all upcoming shows in Kuala Lumpur like Malaysia’s own Coachella, the Good Vibes Festival, taking place on July 21st and 22nd. If you have all these things prepared and ready, all that’s left to do is to bring yourself and your love for good music to the Bruno Mars concert in Malaysia.

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